Modern Software Development for Improving Healthcare

Our Projects

Supporting Veteran Affairs (VA) - Clinical Knowledge Management (CKM)

Mobile Health Application Engineering Improvement

Engineering Improvements to Mobile Applications, Engineering Process, and Supporting Infrastructure

Analysis of Existing Environments and Technologies

Re-factor Monolithic API Services to Container based REST API Micro-Services

Develop and Maintain new Shared Services

Review, Correct/Replace Middle Tier Service Layer

Supporting Veteran Affairs (VA) - Mobile Framework Environment

Establish Mobile Framework Environment

Automated Cloud Platform Deployments

Container Orchestration / Kubernetes / Docker Swarm

Automated Source Code Analysis, Reporting and Security Assessments

Software Templates and Libraries

Integration with shared Infrastructure Services

Our Services

Software Development

REST API Development

Service Discovery

JAVA Springboot




Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Jenkins / GitLab CI

Ansible / Chef


Cloud Architecture

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure



Docker Swarm

The task of the software development team is to engineer the illusion of simplicity.

Grady Booch

About Us

The critical IT systems that support both government and private Healthcare providers, payers and patients have lagged woefully behind the pace of innovation. Software development practices, automation, cloud based SaaS and PaaS systems have advanced rapidly in many consumer facing markets. We believe it is time for Healthcare to catchup because quite frankly, patients and practitioners deserve better.

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